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Presented by Dean Hollin

Armed with a passion for the music of the Great American Songbook – and a collection unlike any other-- entertainer Dean Hollin, lovingly brings you Radio Limelite. Each week, Dean presents a delightful and personally-selected armload of recordings -- celebrating and giving detailed explanation to that tremendous body of work created during the first half of the twentieth century. Drawing from nearly a century of recordings, from today’s digital age all the way back to the 78’s of the shellac era, and featuring artists of every genre of music imaginable, Radio Limelite truly is All Things Great American Songbook.


All things Gershwin will be the name of the game on the next instalment of Radio Limelite.  Join host, Dean Hollin, as he celebrates the birth of this entirely exceptional contributor to the Great American Songbook — Saturday morning 8am to 9am on 99.3 Jewel FM or listen live at


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